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Spinning Our Own Yarn

Each one of us is a set of shifting molecules, spinning in ecstasy

Jim Jarmusch

It’s that moment when there are a few butterflies in your stomach. A germ ( or a caterpillar) of an idea. Could we actually start filling our calendar with workshops….and if we did, would anyone come?

Well we have booked in dates for the next few months at our favourite venues and people are joining us to weave! Covid pushed us to try new ways to work, to learn and help others to learn and so we are taking those forward with us in these new baby-step times.

So, for weavers, over the next 6 months we will continue with our Weave a Scarf workshops but also have Pick Up Stick classes, Warping workshops and more.

For Spinners we have workshops from complete beginners through to more experienced classes and also project classes. So here’s what’s coming up

Saturday 26th June Beginner’s Spinning

Saturday 24th July Woollen & Worsted Spinning

Friday 10th September Beginner’s Spinning

Friday 15th October am Spinning for Socks

Friday 15th October pm Navajo Plying

Friday 12th November Beginner’s Spinning

So, something for everyone. If you’d like to have more information, click on the workshop name or you can message me. If you’d like a workshop on a subject you don’t see here, let me know and I can try and create one – if you want to learn it, chances are someone else does too.

email me at [email protected]

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