Learn to Chain (Navajo) Ply

£ 40.00


In this workshop we will look at Chain Plying (also known as Navajo) and how it can help your spinning?

Navajo Plying is a great technique to have under your belt. Brilliant if you want to keep your colours true, or create stripes or spin from one bobbin.

How to Chain Ply? When should it be used?

This workshop is for spinners who are able to spin a consistent yarn. You will come along with a full bobbin of a singles yarn which will will ply over the time of the workshop. We will discuss how to ply this way and how it will be good in your spinning.


Friday 15th October 10am-1pm Eden Tearoom and Galleries, Course Lane, Newburgh, WN8 7UB

This technique can help with spinning for socks and so if you book both workshops, you will get £10 off!


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