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Something changed

Well one night we went to sleep and the next day our world was completely different and I have to admit, I still can’t quite believe it.

Lazykate Textiles is mainly built around teaching and passing on skills that are very important to me so when we were not able to do that anymore, I closed the doors for while I tried to figure things out. Being a member of the high risk team, the thought that this might be it for me work wise was a little overwhelming, but actually also a bit of a sigh of relief. I had been closed to being burnt out for quite a while. I absolutely love teaching but I was tired and not too well.

Weaving Workshop at Ten Streets Market, Liverpool

So I stopped. Stopped with the lists and the pressure on myself to keep lots of plates spinning. Stopped worrying that everything was not good enough. I didnt realise how much I was struggling.

Once I stopped thought it was difficult to feel motivated, especially when essentially my method of working (teaching face to face) was over.

Eventually, as the weeks have gone on, despite minimal direction and focus, things are beginning to seem clearer. Sadly, the Dyer’s Palette Box Club had to come to an end. A mix of difficulty getting supplies and postage options made it untenable. Perhaps in the future it could be something to revisit, it certainly was enjoyable while it lasted. That was it then, no Box club, no teaching.

So Heather, the Inquisitive Weaver and I decided to start a podcast. Just a chat while in lockdown about the projects we are doing to help us pass the time and ones to inspire us in the future. It’s something neither of us has done before so it’s been a learning curve but give a pair of women an opportunity to talk about their textile projects and you might never shut them up!

So bear with me while I try to work out a new direction, give the podcast a whirl and maybe join our Weaverbirds groups on Facebook or Ravelry. We have a small but talented group of women (only women just now but men welcome of course) and hopefully a community will grow.

Speak soon

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