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Homegrown Homespun

We were invited to join in with this fascinating project (see previous post for more information to provide half term heritage activities for the volunteers who come each week to weed the flax field. This was the plan we started with, which began on Monday with a spinning workshop. The weather was absolutely perfect and […]

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British Textile Biennial

Homegrown Homespun Workshops joining with North West England Fibreshed & Patrick Grant We are so excited to announce that we will be involved in the British Textile Biennial celebration with Patrick Grant and Justine Aldersey Williams from the Wild Dyery The initiative involves planting a field of flax for linen and woad, a natural dye […]

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Spinning Our Own Yarn

"Each one of us is a set of shifting molecules, spinning in ecstasy" - Jim Jarmusch It's that moment when there are a few butterflies in your stomach. A germ ( or a caterpillar) of an idea. Could we actually start filling our calendar with workshops....and if we did, would anyone come? Well we have […]

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Navajo v Traditional Plying

Which Ply & When? Navajo or chain plying is a really useful tool to have in your spinning kit. It might seem a little complicated at first but with some practice and patience (isn't that always the case?) you'll find you're getting into the swing of things. Navajo or chain plying is plying from one […]

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Worsted Spinning-week 2 of Spin Club

We decided to focus on worsted spinning this week at Spin Club. It's my go to style of spinning and it was great to have the opportunity to delve into it a little bit more. As is always the case, many different spinners will have their take on what is the definitive description of a […]

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Spin Club Win! (we think)

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the first Weaverbirds Spin Club. We were ridiculously nervous but a couple of minutes in and it was fine, the time flew. It's interesting to hear other's experience of spinning, how they spin their fibre and the wheels they prefer. Shared experience while we can't be together […]

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Weaverbirds Spin Club

You are cordially invited to join Heather and I for an hour of spinning each Sunday at 3pm 3pm - early enough for you to grab an hour to yourself and late enough to have a little something to celebrate the day! Could be a little glass of white or a large velvety hit chocolate […]

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Ways to spin an even yarn part 1 - Cross lacing

What's the issue? One of our aims as new spinners is to be able to spin super fine yarn. We berate ourselves because our yarn is thick and chunky. Once it is thinner, it's over spun or has little piglet tails. We've reduced our tension. How can we stop this happening? There are a few […]

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Thoughts for the New Year

How did we get to 2021 so quickly? It's a complete mystery and yet here we are. So what's new for Lazykate in the year ahead? When I first thought of having a textile business more than 20 years ago, my aim was to grow natural dyes, spin and sell my yarn. Such a labour […]

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Which Loom & Why

One of the questions I'm asked regularly and also see popping up on Weaving Facebook Groups is which loom is the best to use. We use both Kromski and Ashford Rigid Heddle looms in our workshops. The Ashford looms were bought as I started off teaching and I've always been very happy with Ashford products […]

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