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Why Yarn of the Month?

Having dyed yarn on and off for years, when it came to having my own range of yarn I wanted to have a definite plan of how yarn was to look. I wanted the yarn to work as a whole as well as individual pieces.

So with lots of experimenting in the months before my day job came to an end I arrived at a palette that I loved, I figured that I had to love it myself to feel enthusiastic and then hopefully others would love it too.

Myrtle during dyeing

So once the semi solid yarns were ready in the three bases, 4 ply high twist Bluefaced Leicester Sock Yarn, 4 ply Merino/Cashmere/Nylon and a Bluefaced Leicester Double knit, I then planned to add speckled or variegated yarns that would be released over time to complement the semi solid yarns. These would be released as a yarn of the month that people could see before buying – (I like to see what I’m getting – not a huge one for surprises, hence I’m not a sock club devotee. I know, controversial)

Ocean Deep, Myrtle and Dijon, complementary yarns

So over the next few months as each Yarn of the Month is released on the 1st of the month you’ll be able to see how the yarns will work together for your chosen project, whether that be knitting, weaving or crochet.

I hope by explaining my though process, the Yarn of the Month idea becomes clearer. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i enjoy creating them,

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Questions Beginner Spinners Want to Ask……

You know the feeling, you have a question, surely you’re not the only person who is wondering this but you certainly don’t want to look like an idiot.

Well the same questions come up again and again and we would like to put your mind at rest – there’s no question too silly, we’ve been asked them all.  And probably asked them myself before I learned to spin.  OK, well not the first one, I knew the answer to the first one….

 Are the sheep killed when they’re sheared?

No, they’re not.  A sheep will be shorn once a year, an experience shearer will have the job done in a few minutes and although this is probably not the best night out the sheep has ever had (maybe the equivalent to our visit to the dentist), it will feel better afterwards and more healthy in the long term

 I’ve never spun before, can I still come on your course?

Yes, of course you can.  You’re exactly who the workshop is for.  I will start you off from the very beginning and take you through the whole process.  If there are more than two on the course I will bring someone along to help out in case you need a bit of extra help (often I will treadle for you while you conquer the drafting process).

Beginners Spinning, Black Sheep Wools

I have a wheel but it doesn’t work, shall I bring it along?

Yes, bring it along.  I’ll have a look at it and see if I can get it to work, but I always have one wheel per person in case we can’t

I have some alpaca/mohair/dog fur.  Can I bring that and spin it?

Yes, of course.  I would normally get everyone started using wool, simply because it’ll be easier to begin with and we want to make the process as painless as possible.  Once you’ve got it like, then by all means have a go of any fibre you like!

I’m vegan, am I welcome at your workshops?

Yes of course you are.  If you let me know beforehand then I can prepare alternative fibre for you.  You’ll be very welcome and might be surprised of the amount of fibres available.

Beginner’s Spinning Workshop Lancashire


If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them, don’t hold back – in 10 years of teaching you certainly won’t be the first!  Have a look to see when the next workshop is click here

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Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog post and thank  you for joining me at the start of my new adventure.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been teaching various forms of textiles for about ten years now, spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidery but always had a part time ‘proper’ job in the background, working in a yarn shop. Since Friday last week that has sadly come to an end, but as the cliche goes, as one door closes a strange shaped hard to reach slip of a window opens and I’m going to climb through it and start out on my own!!

So here is my website, full of the yarns I love to dye, information about workshops and events I’m taking part in also – and this is the best, you can sign up for the VIP club and receive news about special offers and money off before it goes live.

This is a very exciting opportunity for me and I hope you’ll join me on the – ahem – journey.

For information about workshops, please click this link