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Spinning a Single Fleece

A slap dash guide to Fleece Preparation Where do I begin? - Just go for it If there is one thing as a beginner spinner you can be sure of - you ask ten different people how to process a fleece and you will get ten different answers. It can be very easy to get […]

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Weaving with fine yarns

Many weavers feel nervous about weaving with fine yarns. Some start using rigid heddle looms as a way to use up their stash of knitting yarns. And what a great way to work with all those colours and textures, especially if you have small balls of yarn that you've been wondering what to do with […]

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5 Reasons we think Kromski looms are amazing!

Look at any rigid heddle weaving forum on the web and surely the most asked question is - I'm thinking of buying a loom, what's your favourite, Kromksi, Ashford or Schacht? Well we love Kromski looms and here's the reasons why 1) They're made of wood and metal People who spend time spinning and weaving […]

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We are full on Kromski Dealers!

I'm sure that most of you know now that we stock Kromski looms and accessories. We think their looms are brilliant, if you've been on one of our workshops you'll know that we don't find it hard to praise them effusively. They are versatile, user friendly and are made by craftsmen with decades of experience. […]

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So here's a crazy idea....

First of all, to you spinners out there are you loving the Tour de Fleece? I feel like my spinning has taken a back seat recently to my weaving and I’ve loved sitting each day, during the highlights and spinning away. How are you getting on? That time also allows extra thought to swish around […]

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Double Heddle Weaving

Our first Double Heddle Weaving workshop will soon be upon us and we have been weaving samples and putting together our thoughts for the class. This workshop is sold out but if you'd like to see the next run of dates, have a look here Using two heddles opens up so many more options for […]

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5 Tips for Drafting Consistent Yarn

We're well into our Sheep to Skein course and on Week 2 we went straight into spinning. When you're a complete beginner the aim of the game is to be able to draft the fibres (the part you do with your hands) and treadle (with your feet) at the same time. Thinking at this point […]

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Sheep to Skein Weekly Class

What's it all about? Our focus for 2023 is to slow things down a little and take the time to do a little more in depth exploration into the spinning and weaving process We love our daily workshops and the Two Day courses that we introduced for 2022 have been successful and hugely enjoyable. We've […]

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Want to Weave? - What Do You Need?

So if you can afford a brand new loom, stand, bag and all the extras - maybe it's a special gift, maybe you've had a bonus at work then good for you. Want to weave? Get that order in and off you go! If that's not an option at the moment, what do you actually […]

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Which Size Rigid Heddle Loom?

The purchase of a rigid heddle loom is not an inconsiderable one, for most people the amount of money they are going to invest is something to really think about, so which size rigid heddle loom is right up there in your considerations. So, there are certain things you need to take into account when […]

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