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Creative folk who love textiles, love it all - knitting, spinning, weaving, colour, and texture

At Lazykate Textiles we celebrate the connection between the crafts. So come with us and learn to dye your fibre, then spin it, knit with it, weave with it, embroider on it - let your creativity run completely wild!

Lazykate Textiles is Cathy and Jessamy, we live on a widebeam barge in the Liverpool marina and host workshops in Liverpool and at galleries and yarn shops around the North West of England.

We want to share our passion for colour, textiles and craft with anyone who will listen. By practising these vital crafts, spinning, weaving and dyeing we keep skills alive and help keep us and others sane in an unstable time.

We hope to provide you with the skills and materials you need to express yourself and create beautiful things, we absolutely know you can. So if you are interested in our Weaving Workshops, click here

Our yarns are British wool spun by small producers in Peru who give back to the community by supporting families and providing education for local children. We dye with non toxic acid dyes and reuse our water wherever we can

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