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Dyer’s Palette Box Club


Dyer’s Palette Box


I’m so excited about this new venture, the Dyer’s Palette Box Club. It’s something I’ve been talking about for absolutely ages (ask Ovis Yarns who has had her ear chewed off a few times).

Dyeing yarn is such a wonderful process. Quite a simple procedure producing something completely unique.  If you are a spinner it means that you can dye all manner of different fibres and spin them up into art yarn, or 4ply. You can heather those shades with conventional plying or keep your colours true with chain plying.  Either way, something magical happens and beautiful yarn appears.

If you chose to dye yarn you have an element of control to produce bold or soft  colours, bright or muted.  And then sometimes, something crazy happens and you’ll get a happy accident.  That’s the joy of it all.

So this course of boxes are designed to take you through different techniques in dyeing using different yarns so that you can create your own unique yarn or fibre and have as much fun as I do when I dye.

There are six months of boxes and I’ve given three options, monthly payments, two payments of £90 or one of £180 depending on how you would find it easier (or maybe if someone else is footing the bill!)

If you have any questions, ask away and I’ll do my best to answer them and hopefully we’ll start creating together very soon

Dyer’s Palette Box Club click here to join


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