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Little things to help you spin

Over the years during Spinning Workshops, I found that breaking up the process into separate sections can help the fledgling spinner grasp each part of the process.  Let’s face it, spinning is a skill and takes a some co-ordination so everything I can do to help make it easier, I will.

Sometimes I will treadle while the new spinner masters the drafting technique, sometimes I’ll draft a little.  For some it doesn’t take long and the penny will drop, for others it might take a few hours for spinning becomes comfortable.

I teach using Ashford Traditional wheels which are steady and slower wheels,  great for beginners.   It helps to have everyone on the same wheel, but on occasion we might have to try something different.

Ashford Spinning Wheel

This is what happened recently at a class in Liverpool but changing the wheel made all the difference and the lady was able to spin.

Kromski Sonata

The difference in the lady’s case was the double treadle. So both feet were used to treadle, evening out the effort made and making it more ergonomic.  She found the treadling gentler with less stress on her back.  

It would be awful if someone came along to spin and thought they didnt have the ability when actually, if they just tried a different type of wheel they might find they can spin comfortably.

So, if you attend one if my workshops, you are welcome to use my wheels, (whether it’s an Ashford or a Kromski) or bring along your own if that would suit you better.

Whatever makes it easier for you to spin….we’ll do it!

Upcoming Spinning Workshops

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Friday 17th July, Ten Streets Market, Cotton Street, Liverpool L3 7DY

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