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New Studio Space at Road Studios

Posted: 12th September 2022
Author: Catherine Wright

Those of you who have been on workshops in the last year or so will know that we have been looking for a place in central Liverpool that we could call home.

This has been a difficult task - we have an awful lot of kit, wheels, looms, dye pans and hotplates. And so renting a studio large enough but also within our budget in the city centre has been pretty much out of our reach.

So when a small space came up for rental at Road Studios in the arty Baltic Triangle we snapped it up. The actual space is a tiny 170cm x 170cm, maybe enough to fit a couple of spinning wheels and a loom stand - but it has access to a light and airy, large meeting room which completely fits our needs for workshops. So our main storage space, the shed will continue to keep the majority of our kit safe and sound, we can move things over to Road Studios to make our life easier. We had our first two day workshop there in August and it was brilliant! Everyone loved the venue, it's inspiring, full of artists and creative businesses. Ryde Cafe was a huge hit too, with a great selection including vegetarian and vegan options. The cafe has a cycle hut attached to it so has cyclists buzzing in and out and is a really quirky space

Primarily for us as hosts, the workspace is quiet so there is opportunity for concentration, something that is so needed when learning something new. As we introduce more complicated workshops into our repertoire we need to know that we can rely on the venue to be quiet.

We have plans for new shorter workshops, meaning that in these uncertain times we can offer options for different budgets or pricing structures that break up the outlay. We're so excited about this (I know people always say that) but we have had so many ideas and not been able to implement them that we just can't wait to get going.

We will keep you posted as to what is coming up over the next 6 months but if you have requests, please shout and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes!

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