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What's it all about?

Our focus for 2023 is to slow things down a little and take the time to do a little more in depth exploration into the spinning and weaving process

We love our daily workshops and the Two Day courses that we introduced for 2022 have been successful and hugely enjoyable. We've found that people have travelled from all over the country to take part which has been brilliant.

So for the year ahead, we would like to introduce a weekly class starting on Monday 9th January at 1.30pm until 3.30pm where people can take the time they need to learn the whole process of spinning and weaving from the sheep to a skein of wool and beyond.

Weekly textile class spinning and weaving

What will it cover?

We are really wanting to be guided by you and what you would like to learn. In the initial 8 weeks we can look at washing and preparing a fleece in different ways including combing and carding, spinning and then weaving your handspun yarn.

If it is that you would like to spend more time on the fleece preparation, then that's fine with us. If you want to move quickly through to the weaving element of the course, then we can do that too. People like to learn in different ways and at different speeds and we see no reason why we can't accommodate this.

Learn to use wool combs  spinning

Where will it take place?

We will be using Luna Meeting room behind Ryde Cafe which is part of the Brewery Village in Liverpool, L8 5AF. Its a great space with plenty of room for wheels and looms and we will be able to warp up there comfortably as well.

We will provide refreshments but as we will be starting at 1.30pm you might like to nip to the cafe for a bit of lunch before the course starts

In a nutshell:

We will cover:

  • Washing of a fleece
  • How to card fibre using hand carders and a drum carder
  • How to comb fibre using English Wool combs
  • Spinning from fleece
  • Spinning from Top
  • Warping a rigid heddle loom
  • Weaving on a rigid heddle loom

This overview doesn't cover absolutely everything we will discuss and of course, questions will arise while you're working and we will do our best to answer those.

We think it's going to be brilliant fun and are looking forward to getting started. There are different options to pay for the course, you can pay in full or break it up into 3 installments using Paypal. Each week works out at £25 for the two hours which includes materials.

Check out our instagram to see some of our workshops in action!

Learn to spin wool Liverpool

We really hope you will join us, if you have any questions, ask away or if you'd like to book, click here

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