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Kromski Pick Up Sticks

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What are Pick Up Sticks For?

Pick up Sticks are used to create an extra 'shaft' on your rigid heddle loom, allowing you to create many new patterns and textures in your woven cloth

How many do I need and what size?

These beautiful wooden Kromski pick up sticks have a rounded nose to make it easier to pick up your warp threads.  We have four sizes to use with your loom.  You will need a wider pick up stick than the width of your loom, you'll see that the Kromski pick up sticks come in one inch larger measures.

Depending on the space you weave in or of course your preference, you might choose to go with the slightly larger size than your loom.  We have found on our workshops that a few weavers preferred to go to the next size up, ie. if they were weaving on a 16" loom they chose the 25" pick up stick.

You can create patterns with one or two pick up sticks so depending on how much you like weaving with them, you might choose to work with one or two.

Do you have any workshops to teach me?

We have regular pick up stick workshops at our studio in Liverpool where you'll learn not only how to use the pick up sticks but also other lace techniques such as Brooks Bouquet and Leno Lace, here are the upcoming dates

Saturday 12th August. Luna Meeting Room, Northern Lights, Brewery Village, Liverpool, L8 5AF

If you'd like to pop over to our studio in Cains Brewery Village, Liverpool and have a look at which Pick Up Stick would suit you, send us a message and we can arrange to meet you

email cathy,[email protected] or give us a call on 07802753203


We have regular workshops using Pick Up Sticks, along with other techniques for the weaver who would like to move onto patterning in their fabric

To see some of the things we've made using pick up sticks, check out our instagram page

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Pick Up Sticks

17", 25", 33", 9"

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