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Why Indie Dyed Yarn makes Confident Weavers

Workshops are great fun, a real treat, sharing the day with like minded people letting your creativity run wild, right?

Not for everyone, sometimes the environment can be a little bit nerve wracking, learning something new can leave you feel kak-handed, maybe you feel everyone else is running ahead, you’re too nervous to ask a question. We’ve all been there and it isn’t a great feeling.

For all of those who come to a workshop with a fixed plan in mind, colours decided, goal in view there are others who feel overwhelmed at the choices

Hand dyed yarn choices


So, on the Weave a Scarf workshop I’ve tried to allay those fears by first of all using colours that people feel comfortable with. I’ll pick three main colours for the warp that fit in with the colour scheme you’ve chosen. You might have said ‘I love blues’ and that will be enough to point me in the right direction. Maybe and even more importantly you might have told me that you absolutely can’t stand pink, sometimes we don’t necessarily have strong feelings about what we like, but we certainly know what we don’t.

Mid weave

So the colours in your warp could give you a starting point to work with on the day. Three colours to chose from which can give you numerous options in terms of pattern or colour placing. I’ve found that for those who come along who are nervous this can give them a confident start. So don’t let fear of colour stop you creating something amazing.

Diane’s Finished Scarf


Scarf woven by Diane 13/10/18