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We are full on Kromski Dealers!

Posted: 25th July 2023
Author: Catherine Wright

I'm sure that most of you know now that we stock Kromski looms and accessories. We think their looms are brilliant, if you've been on one of our workshops you'll know that we don't find it hard to praise them effusively. They are versatile, user friendly and are made by craftsmen with decades of experience.

A little bit about the Kromski family

The Kromski company is based in Poland and was started by Leon Kromski in 1918 which was then passed on to his son Leon and is now run by his grandsons Daniel and Wojciech. There's a little bit more about the family's history here. We deal mainly with Matylda Kromska who is the first person we go to when placing your order.

Kromski Dealer UK, Kromski Stockist Liverpool
Kromski Craftsmen

I'm going to do a more detailed post about what we love about the looms we stock and why they work for us in our weaving but also fit into our lives in the near future but for now here's our news

We're going to be taking orders for all the Kromski range including their large selection of wheels and all the accessories!! This is a new venture for us and we're pretty darn excited.

As a small business with not a lot of extra space (boat life) we won't be able as yet to stock everything to be delivered immediately but we have been assured by the Kromski family that three weeks is the absolute maximum that you will need to wait once you have placed your order.

By dipping our feet into selling wheels as well as stocking looms we are hoping that soon we will be able to stock the whole range. We know that crafters are patient - we certainly wouldn't be spinners or weavers if we weren't and so we're hoping you'll be ok with a week or two's wait on your gorgeous new wheel

Kromski polonaise spinning wheel with single treadle and double drive band
Kromski polonaise spinning wheel with single treadle and double drive band

To take a look at the wheels we have available take a look here. If you have any questions about which wheel might be the best for you then ask away, there will be more blog posts to follow where I hope to answer any and hopefully all your questions.

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