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Yarn Shop Day at Black Sheep Wools


I’m really excited to be taking part in Yarn Shop Day at Black Sheep Wools this year held on the 27th April.

Black Sheep have joined in with Yarn Shop Day since it began in 2014.  As knitters we are all passionate about supporting our local yarn shops so if you’d like to see what’s going on around your area, take a look at the guide here:

In our area, as well as Black Sheep, Northern Yarn in Lancaster is taking part so be sure to support Kate and everyone there as well and you know, in the spirit of the day, if you have a local yarn shop that you want to support that isn’t on the list then please do that too – our lovely yarn shops need our support and the staff who work hard to inspire you with their gorgeous knitty items will appreciate your visit.

I’ll be taking along a spinning wheel or two and an enormous bag of fibre so if you fancy having a try at spinning, this is your opportunity.  Spinning is a wonderful skill and who knows, you might be part of that 00000.1% of the population that sits down and takes to it immediately.  I’m just bitter because that wasn’t me!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll see you on the day, please come over and make yourself known, it’s always nice to know that people read this and I’m not just typing into the void




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