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Come and learn to spin with us! From complete beginners, to troubleshooting to workshops for specific techniques. Our spinning workshops will be the perfect thing for you.

We run one to one workshops and group bookings, message us to discuss your options.

We provide wheels for you to try, or you can bring your wheel with you and we can help you get to know it, and get started on your spinning journey.

Beginner's Spinning Workshop

For this workshop which suits complete beginners, we look at fleece preparation, how to card fibre and then you'll spin your own skein of handspun yarn to take home.

All materials and use of the wheel are included in the price

Improving Spinning - Next Steps

This workshop is about honing your technique and we focus on the areas you feel you would like to improve. On top of that we look at different types of plying, spinning thick and thin art yarn and core spinning.

Spinning for Socks

Hand knit socks are one of life's pleasures and handspun socks are another level of satisfaction so you want to make sure you spin them so they last!

This workshop will go through the different types of fibre and spinning techniques that get the best out of all the hard work you're putting in - knowledge is power!

Worsted, Woollen & Longdraw

De-mystify these terms and see how learning to change your drafting methods will enable you to make informed choices in your spinning.

1 to 1 Spinning Workshop

We aim to help everyone to spin and we know that there are people who like to learn in a quiet, private way. So if that's your preference, let us know and we can arrange it. We can book a date that suits us both and have a chilled, quiet time

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