Weave a Scarf Workshop

This workshop, suitable for complete beginners will introduce you to rigid heddle weaving. You’ll learn all the basics, warp and weft, how to choose which yarn to weave with and choose the length of your scarf.

We will prepare the loom for you to use on the day and you can even choose which hand dyed yarns (which we dye ourselves) you’d like to have as your warp. Then on the day you will have a large selection of yarns to work with.

Weaving With Pick Up Sticks

This workshop is for weavers with a little bit of experience. you will learn how to work with pick up sticks to create different patterns. We will also look at other ways to create interest and pattern in your work.

You are welcome to use our looms which we will warp for you beforehand or you can bring along your own warped loom for a £10 discount

Warping Up Workshop

Many people buy a loom and then are totally flummoxed with how to warp it. We have quite a few options when it comes to warping.

We can offer face to face workshops, bring along your loom, we can take you right through the process so that you will be ready to weave. Please could you register your interest in this through the button

We also offer an online class which is available through our Teaching Platform. You can set up an account there, download the course which is yours to keep, but we will still be on hand for any queries you might have.

Weave a Wall Hanging

One for your diary – we are in the process of creating our Weave a Wallhanging workshop. Your frame loom will be included in the workshop as will fibre, hand dyed yarn and hand dyed handspun yarn, all of which help create texture and interest in your work and mean that your wall hanging will be completely original