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Online Warping Up Workshop

£ 30.00



Learn to warp your rigid heddle loom with this online warping up video workshop.

Broken down into easy to follow modules, the workshop takes you through

*different types of rigid heddle looms
*how to measure your warp to fit your project
*which of your yarns can be used with which reed
*how to warp your loom

The course comes with a downloadable pdf and you get to keep your workshop for life. Also, along with your warping workshop you can

*have a 10% discount on any yarns you choose for your workshop.

#learntowarpaloom #warpingworkshop

Once you've booked the workshop you will receive a link to our teaching site where you will create an account and password and you will pay for the course there. You will own this workshop for life.

If you have any questions, ask away and we will do our best to help

Please click on this link to go through to our teaching platform and pay there

Warping up workshop


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