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Online Rigid Heddle Warping Up Workshop

Learn how to warp your rigid heddle loom using our Online Rigid Heddle Workshop

£ 30.00


In this Online Rigid heddle warping up workshop, you will learn all the basics about warping your Rigid Heddle Loom. We will discuss

- Different types of rigid heddle looms
- What kit you will need
- How to work out the length of your warp to fit your project
- Which of our yarns can be used with the reed

We will give you step by step instructions on how to warp your rigid heddle loom with a detailed video so you can see exactly what to do.

You will be able to pause and rewatch any sections you may be struggling on, or take a break and come back to it as many times as you need. Our online rigid heddle workshop will always be available for you through our website

You will have access to us via the Q&A facility in case you have any queries

Order our sock yarn starter kit in your choice of colours at 10% cheaper than the list price

If you prefer to learn in person, check out our in person weaving workshops

If you're looking to buy a Rigid Heddle loom, click here 

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3 reviews for Online Rigid Heddle Warping Up Workshop

  1. Elaine (verified owner)

    I found this short instruction video very worthwhile. I had watched various YouTube videos and assumed that would be sufficient but when it came to actually starting to warp up for the first time, some things remained unclear. So I paid for this instruction, and benefited from Cathy’s clear demonstration going through the process step by step, and explaining as she went along. I successfully warped my new loom alone, thanks to her very useful tip about tensioning the yarn while working alone. I am a total beginner at this, and managed each step successfully. I would recommend this.

    • Catherine Wright (store manager)

      Thank you so much for leaving a review Elaine, we so pleased you found it helpful.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I honestly would not have managed to warp up correctly without the help of this video. Instructions were clear and easy to follow and if you warp up along with the video, you can pause whilst you do the next bit and just carry on with the lesson. The warp in the video was just the length of the table and I think it would have been nice just to say if you were for example making a scarf you need roughly 'x' amount of warp and how/where to position the peg with that in mind but I did find that information on the internet myself. At one point a PDF print out was referred to which I didn't actually see in the course but other than those 2 minor points I found the course excellent and would buy future courses from Lazykate without hesitation.

    • Catherine Wright (store manager)

      Hi, thanks for leaving the review and it's been really helpful. We will make the changes you suggest so it will benefit future users

  3. Jane (verified owner)

    Very clear, informative and friendly - inspired confidence

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